Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Holy Transfiguration of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

The transformation of Christ on Mount Tabor symbolizes the spiritual transformation that is expected of each Christian soul.

This process starts at our baptism, our spiritual birth. During our time on earth, praying at Church services, participating in confession, communion and the other Sacraments - our mind and heart gradually transform. Our thinking, understanding of life, priorities and tastes gradually change; and we acquire a taste and preference for prayer, spiritual reading and contemplation whilst here on earth, in this physical world. This is the required preparation for an eternal existence in a spiritual world with God.
For when the world ends, or when our body dies, all physical reality ends and we must exist either with good spirits (angels - in Heaven) or with evil spirits (demons - in hell). For us to be continually with our transfigured Lord it is essential to come to understand the power of His Resurrection, and then freely and voluntarily take part in His sufferings and passion (Philip. 3:10).
Before the appearance of Jesus Christ, the law and the prophets served as guidelines for moral life of people. Now God Himself witnesses in the presence of Moses and Elijah - the representatives of the Law and the prophets - that the Son of God has appeared on earth in bodily form. All people who wish to receive eternal salvation must listen to Him - “Hear Him!” (Lk 9:35) - He will open to us the true meaning of Moses’ Law and the prophets; He will announce to us a new perfect teaching, fulfilling which, we will receive eternal salvation!
Therefore if we don’t like to pray, or don’t pray; if we don’t like to go to church and read spiritual books, we are not ready to be with God in Heaven. If we like worldly entertainment, shows, sports, amusements, or any other physical occupation which steals our time and energy, then how is our soul going to be ready for Heaven? In such cases when the soul leaves its dead body and confronts God, the presence of God burns it and the soul suffers agony, instead of the joy that was intended…


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